Start selling in China

Reach the biggest overseas consumer of British products quickly, easily and cost effectively by selling through our Royal Mail Tmall store.

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Setting up is simple with us

  • Easy and efficient online application
  • Manage your Tmall brand approval
  • Inventory management and SKU integration
  • Established order management processes

Make the most of our local knowledge

  • Product and marketing content translation
  • Currency conversion for orders and payments
  • Store and brand awareness activities
  • Full customer support services

Integrated logistics you can rely on

  • Secure order processing
  • Automatic payments
  • International tracking and delivery
  • Returns and exchanges management


Do you qualify?

  • Royal Mail restricts the listing of certain categories of products which include (but are not limited to) adult products, electronic cigarettes etc.
  • Your product must have a UK trademark.
  • Tmall must approve your brand.
  • Able to store 5 of each SKU initially at Avenue51 warehouse in London.

How much does it cost?

  • £2,500 setup fee. This includes 5 SKUs.
  • £100 per month for customer service (pre/post sales).
  • We buy your products at a 35% discount off your UK Retail Price less VAT.

How long does it take before my products are listed?

  • Typically, following approval of your application by Royal Mail, between 3 - 6 weeks.

How many products should I list?

  • Your setup fee covers listing 5 products.
  • If any of your products sell particularly well, we will be in touch!

Which products should I choose?

  • If you have products in a number of categories, we suggest you try your most popular product in each category.
  • If you already get some sales from China, we suggest you list your top sellers.
  • If your products do not currently sell in China, and you do not have multiple categories, we suggest listing popular products in the £20 - £50 price range.

Before you apply, please have the following documents ready to upload:

  • Signed Tmall Authorization Letter on company letterhead (with company stamp if possible) (download here)
  • Signed China Authorization Letter on company letterhead (with company stamp if possible) (download here)
  • UK Trademark documentation
  • Company logo
  • At least 4 images of each product
  • Product description and details (size, weight, barcode etc)

More questions? Want to know how you will receive your orders? Download the full FAQ here.

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