Avenue51 also offers a business to business service which links Chinese sellers with UK retailers and facilitates trade between both

  • Avenue51 acts as an intermediary between Chinese wholesale marketplaces and the brand or product owner
  • Products are always held within secure, bonded warehouse facilities in China
  • A range of Chinese marketplaces are integrated into Avenue51s Product Administration System which shows full product availability
  • When a customer places an order, Avenue51 sends the item direct to them, cross-border

Avenue51 旗下的 B2B 业务-英国产品库,

代发业务(Drop Shipping):

  • 为中国零售商提供 9000 多种商品的英国直邮一件代发服务。品类覆盖母婴用品、营养保健、美妆个护、生活用品、服装配饰 等。
  • 满足跨境零售商扩品需求,降低采购成本,降低库存风险,缓解资金压力,从而使零售商更轻易地引进海外新产品。
  • 支持中国零售商与代发系统 API 对接,实时推送下单指令。同时支持 CSV 上传或手动下单。


  • 提供上万种英国和欧洲产品的批量供应,包括大部分英国热门产品。同时,我们也是多个英国品牌的中国区总代理。
  • 多年进口操作经验,无论一般贸易进口还是保税仓备货模式,精通进出口规则。
  • 自建国际物流运输,可根据客户需求,国际空运或海运至指定机场或港口。

Our team

Aaron Zhang

Aaron Zhang Director, B2B Trading

Extensive experience in retail, fashion and eCommerce. Previously ran online fashion and designer brand store www.aa-ff.com. MSc Finance and Investment (The University of Nottingham).

Shengyang Cui

Shengyang Cui MD China

Extensive B2B negotiation experience. Previously a member of the management teams of HNA Group and SF Express. BA Computer Science and BA Logistic Management (The University of Warwick).

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