1010 British Natural Beauty Experience in China

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We are 1010, a global community of mostly native Chinese speakers endlessly unearthing natural ingredients based products that, whilst not always famous, do genuinely give us a lift in the way we look or feel without depending on artificial junk.

Our community members receive British natural beauty products (skincare, bodycare, fitness, wellbeing, natural foods…) from the 1010 team based in London and Beijing. If the member likes the product they post their enthusiasm and experience online, marking the post with our secret hashtag #1010 or #试试  – the numbers being a play on words in Chinese meaning “ you should try this”.  And, hopefully, with each post the world becomes a better place.

We start our adventure on 10th Oct 2020 and will be exploring the whole of Great Britain for 365 days to uncover some of the finest products in the land.

Come with us by following and contributing to our official social media accounts on Little Red Book, Wechat and Weibo. Brands get yourself featured by completing the form at the bottom of this page.



As a British wellbeing or natural beauty related brand you can join in by sending us products for our community to try and post about on Chinese social media platforms such as Wechat, Little Red Book and Weibo. 

Typically a post will feature your product name and an introduction to the features that make your product so attractive, and will be published in video, live streaming or text/photo format. Links to your ecommerce pages are not included.

There is a charge of £95 per post (min. 5 posts for each SKU) which covers the cost of the 1010 team communicating with our community about everything that makes your product so interesting, delivering your products to the right community members and then sending you a screen capture of the post accompanied by a 50 word summary in English.


There is a 1010 store on Wechat (social ecommerce platform used by 800m shoppers in China) to list products that have  received the #1010 hashtag. The store makes it effortless for shoppers anywhere in Mainland China with a mobile phone to buy and receive your products.  

To view the 1010 store you will need the Wechat app installed on your phone.
Then just scan the QR code above

To get listed you just need to transfer some more stock to the same 1010 fulfilment centre in London and the 1010 team will list your products in the store in Chinese, take orders and payment from shoppers in China and fulfil the delivery and any returns.

 You simply set the trade price you would like to receive for each product sold and the 1010 team will add on the additional fees (pick &pack, shipping, duty and profit for the store operator) and display the China Retail Price. 

* Note: It is not unusual for the China Retail Price to be double the trade price or higher once these additional fees have been calculated. 

28 days from the end of each month you receive a settlement payment in GBP for all the products sold (min. payment transferred to you is £500).

To list in the store there is a charge of £285 per SKU per month (min. 3 months). Discounts apply to this pricing when listing more than 1 SKU.



Complete the following service order form to sign up and receive an invoice and bank transfer details by email.


Who is Avenue51?

The reason we believe we can do what we are setting out to do is simply because behind 1010 is the infrastructure of one of the world’s biggest online exporters of air-shipped consumer goods to Mainland China, Avenue51.  

Over the last six years Avenue51 has enabled more than 10 million shopper in China and Chinese expats in Britain to buy and receive some of the finest products available in the Britain.

Avenue51 has also been at the forefront of sending out products to shoppers in China and Chinese expat communities in the UK to review and post about on social media. The impact of the this on some of the brands managed by Avenue51 such as ThisWorks and Waitrose has been nothing short of sensational and triggered the idea for 1010.

You can read more about this work on avenue51.com

I see you require a minimum 5 posts @ £95 per post. Can I ask for 5 different products to be reviewed?

No sorry there is a minimum of 5 posts for each product or SKU.

How long does the whole cycle take?

Once we have received your products in our London Fulfilment Center (Attention: Di Hui, 1010 Manager Avenue51, Unit 2, Anchor Wharf, Yeo Street, London, UK E3 3QR) we will select the relevant community members and send them your products (5 working days). They will normally post their review (10 -15 working days). Then you will receive the screen capture and comments (2-3 working days).

Can I choose which of your community members will receive my products?

No sorry, we only reveal the identity of our community members who posted a review of your product when we present you a screen capture of the review.

How do your community members join 1010?

We don’t have a sign up form. The 1010 team are constantly reading natural beauty related posts on Chinese social media. When they encounter someone with a strong following and a good eye for creating quality content they invite them to join the 1010 community.

What happens if your community member does not like my product. Will I still be charged?

No.  You only pay for posts that are published on social media

If, for some reason, a member does not like your product they will simply not publish their review and you will not be charged.  Your product will also not be returned.  You will be informed of the reason why and a new product will be sent to another member for them to try and post a review.

When do I need to  pay?

To take advantage of the competitive price displayed here you will need to transfer full payment to Avenue51 within 14 days of signing the contract. The payment invoice will be sent to you within 24 hours of signing up.

If you would rather to pay in 28 days of signing the contract the price per review is £142.50 and the price for the store listing is £380 per SKU per month.

Do I need to specially prepare my product?

No need to add stickers to the product packaging translating the ingredients into Chinese. This is just required for traditional forms of exporting to China, not cross border ecommerce.

Can organic products or cruelty free products be included?

Yes. Animal testing is not required for goods sold into China through cross-border ecommerce.

Also, there is no need to apply for a special “organic” licences to sell goods into China through cross-border ecommerce.